Packaging changes in KDE Telepathy

KDE Telepathy

We have done some changes to our KDE Telepathy repositories recently, that might be interesting for packagers.

We have consolidated all Plasma applets into a single repository called ktp-desktop-applets (originally ktp-contact-applet). The ktp-presence-applet repository is now empty, the master branch contains just a README, the stable branch kde-telepathy-0.5 is preserved.

We have also normalized names of the applets, so they are now called org.kde.ktp-presence, org.kde.ktp-chat, org.kde.ktp-contactlist and org.kde.ktp-contact. The ktp-desktop-applets installs an update script for Plasma Desktop that will automatically update user configuration on next login.

All declarative plugins are now located in ktp-common-internals, so that all our QML models and utils are available for developers.

These changes will be first available in 0.6 release.

3 thoughts on “Packaging changes in KDE Telepathy

  1. acidrums4

    Hi! Just a little off-topic question: Do you have any estimate for the 0.6 release? We’ve want to use it so bad!

  2. Hi Dan,

    I’m using the version 0.5.2 of KDE Telepathy. I realized that Telepathy does not permit that users with “Offline” status don’t call me for a chat. Is this a known issue or the problem is with me?

    Thank you.

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