Akonadi Google Resource: what’s comming?


It’s been a while since my last blog about the Akonadi Google resources and since my last contribution to the project (except for a few minor bug fixes lately). Today I decided to change it (at least the former) and show you that the project is still active (I just don’t have much time to work on it) and reveal to you what big changes I plan to do in the near future.

There are two questions people are often asking me: if it is possible to support multiple Google accounts and why are calendars and tasks split to two resources. If you are one of those people, I have good news for you: next release will support multiple Google accounts and the Tasks resource will be merged to the Calendars resource.

Because words are plain, I will rather show you some pictures of how I imagine the resources could look like.

The first image is the new preferences dialog for Calendar resource. In the first list, there will be list of all accounts. The list will be common for all resources, so you will see the same accounts in the Contacts resource as well. Below is the list of calendars for the selected account (the list will auto-update itself when you choose another account + there will be something like “Reload” button to update the list by hand) with possibility to create, modify or remove existing calendars not just from Akonadi, but from Google server as well. The last list view is for task lists.

The second image shows how the calendar editor could look like. The are two things I want to change yet: replacing the wide color combo box by a single button which will popup another dialog with list of colors to pick from (according to docs Google supports only limited set of colors for calendars) and I’d like to have the timezone list displayed as a combobox instead of a tree view. The editor for task lists will look similar.

Regarding editor of accounts, clicking on “Create” will simply display the Google login page, same as it does now when you click on “Authenticate” in the resource preferences dialog. Given second thought, the “Edit” button does not make much sense since you can’t change anything (maybe just the name of the account), “Remove” will just revoke the authentication.

And finally, on the last image you can see how the list of calendars in KOrganizer could look like. Each account would have sublist of calendars and tasks lists. The image is very inaccurate (copy&paste in Gimp :)), only calendars you have selected in the “Calendars” list in the preferences dialog will be displayed in the list and there will be task lists displayed as well (again, only the task lists you choose in the preferences dialog).

So, do you like it? :) I don’t have much time now and collage exams are closing in, but I hope to find some time during Christmas and as I know myself I will be hacking this new features all January instead of learning for the exams :)

And just to list some improvements since last time: we now support categories for calendar events, information about contact group membership is synchronized (you can’t yet move contacts between Google’s contact lists, but at least the resource does not automatically remove your contacts from the lists) and some issues with timezones and daylight saving were fixed.

And finally (I almost forgot about this) some more good news, especially for Fedora users: I’ve created a project in OpenSUSE Build Service, so you can add a repository to yum to have access to fresh Akonadi Google resources :) I’m will rebuild the packages after every important git commit, so you will be still up-to-date.

Fedora 16:


Fedora 15:


The project itself is available here:


Fell free to modify the .spec file to support other distributions as well, I don’t have much skills in packaging .specs for anything else but Fedora :)

And if you just want to build the project from sources, you can get them from akonadi-google repo in KDE git:

git clone git://anongit.kde.org/akonadi-google



UPDATE:  In OpenSUSE, you can find snapshots in the KDE:Unstable:Playground repository:


44 thoughts on “Akonadi Google Resource: what’s comming?

  1. davide

    It would be perfect if these features will reach kde-windows too!
    Thanks for the great job! Keep it alive and always better, it is one of the most important part of PIM nowadays!

  2. Blablabla

    Geez, these are great ideas for akonadi! Hope to see them real!
    Off-topic: Great colorscheme… Which’s that?

  3. Will Stephenson

    Glad to hear you are using the openSUSE Build Service to package for different distributions! Keep up the good work and if you need any advice, drop by #opensuse-kde.

      • Yop, this is an different project, It has it’s own implementation of Google’s protocols.

        It uses QNetworkManager to access network so any KDE network settings is completely ignored atm. Please file a bug if you are behind a proxy and the resource is not working.

        • Dawit A.

          FYI, if you replace all your uses of QNetworkAccessManager with KIO::Integration::AccessManager, you will get KIO/KCookieJar integration for free. KIO::Integration::AccessManager is a drop-in replacement for QNetworkAccessManager (it inherits from it) ; so it should be a breeze to make the change. Of course, that would mean you resource plugin will depend upon libkio.

  4. Gobnuts

    Great news!

    I had been fighting with the akonadi/google integration until I found your project. So thanks for your work! I’m looking forward to the next release.

    One thing that I’ve been asking myself though (and it’s probably not related to your project) is why the events from my google calendar don’t show up in KDE PIMs Summary screen. Is there a way to have them displayed there?

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

    • One thing that I’ve been asking myself though (and it’s probably not related to your project) is why the events from my google calendar don’t show up in KDE PIMs Summary screen. Is there a way to have them displayed there?

      Actually it is related :) It was caused by a bug in calendars resource (the same why event’s didn’t show up in calendar in the clock plasma applet). I’ve fixed this issue on Friday, so if you rebuilt against latest git, it should already work :)

  5. AdeBe

    It’s good to hear such news.
    I would like to ask about one thing BTW: what about Akonadi resource for Akregator (i.e. to sync RSSs with google reader). Is it planned, worked on, or deemed unnecessary?

    • Akregator is not yet ported to Akonadi, but I was told on IRC few days ago that it’s already work in progress. There’s someone who was working on an Akonadi resource for Google Reader and is interested in adding support for reader to the libkgoogle.

      • davide

        This is VERY interesting. I read elsewhere that you don’t have enough free time even to work on this project, but it would be nice to publish something about the potential of akregator/akonadi with google reader resource! If you’ll find the time, think about it!
        Again, thak you for your work! I’m looking forward for next version!

  6. Kai

    Hi there,

    since I can remember i have always the same problem with korganizer/kalendar
    and my google-calendar: If I create periodic events in googel-calendar (web-
    interface) – every monday at 6.00 for instance – and chanche later one of
    this events (only this, not the series) this event apperas twice in korganizer
    after synching with google-akonadi. One of this two entries is the periodic
    event and the other is the changed.

    Thanks In advance and sorry for my poor english,


        • I’m really not sure what exact git revision they used. You can try to build from latest git yourself (you can use their .spec file to create an .rpm package).

          • Kai

            I belief in akonadi-google-0.2git.1322247612-51.2.i586.rpm, what I can found in the unstable repositories is the newest one. And the problem I have tried to describe is the same here. kai

  7. Just have this a try with KDE-4.7.4 on my Gentoo desktop and I’m glad to report that it is working fine. Thanks for this as I’ve been waiting for this piece of software for a very long time.

  8. misha-mzs

    The project conflicts with Kontact KDE.
    1. Add to Google Calendar into a source of Akonadi.
    2. Launch Kontact.
    3. Kontact freezes.
    4. Remove the source of Google Calendar from Akonadi.
    5. Launch Kontact.
    6. Kontact is work.

    Sorry for my poor english
    With Google Contacts all works.

  9. Lukas

    Wow, something exacly what I was looking for, everything work just great (as for up-to-date F16 3.01.2012)!

    Thanks a lot! :D

  10. plabo

    Great work, really!
    One feature which I am desperately trying to find for a long time already:
    Is it planed to add support for syncing of google contact groups and kontact categories at any point?
    This would be really great!

    • Hi, thanks :)

      The categories should be already synced, but I’m not sure now how good it works though, my Nepomuk is broken atm :). Support for contact groups will be in 0.3 which is very close now, I’m expecting to be done with it within month or two.

  11. Chris

    First of all, fantastic stuff!
    However, i seem to have all sorts of problems with it. :( :
    I checked out the latest version from GIT, it compiled and installed fine. But:
    – Recurring events i once made in Google Calendar (the website) do not appear in Kontact,
    – If I create an event in Kontact, and subsequently delete it in Google Calendar, it never gets deleted in Kontact.
    – Visa versa: if I create an event in Google Calendar, and subsequently delete it in Kontact, it gets deleted fine in Google Calendar.

    So in short: something seems to be wrong with 2-way syncing, and with recurring events once created in Google Calendar.

    For the record: i only have one calendar in Kontact, which is the one configured in Akonadi with the Google Calendar resource, Also, i’m syncing with every change by right-clicking the calendar in Kontact and selecting ‘update calendar folder’. Even restarting the akonadi server doesn’ t solve the described problems.

  12. Octavian

    For a long time I have been searching for a google calendar/contacts/etc. sync for KDE.

    For calendar, I have been using CalDAV for some time, but never worked reliably. I have spent countless hours configuring/re-configuring CalDAV with various degree of success.
    I decided to stop that and do some coding instead.

    I would like to help but,
    BAD: Never coded in C++ and have very limited time.
    GOOD: Coded a lot in bash/TCL/Pascal (in the distant past). Just learned C++ :-),
    For some time I am looking for a project to try the C++ knowledge.

    To cut it short, could you spend a bit of time to share the development environment/setup that you use for akonadi-google?
    a good (and short) doc/wiki is also OK.
    What IDE do you use? (I am not accustomed with the qt/kde classes)

    Thank you in advance,

    • Hi,
      I have a second KDE installation in /home/devel (but can be anywhere) and I run it in Xnest. Most information regarding development of KDE apps can be found on KDE TechBase.

      For IDE I use KDevelop, which is a very good IDE for Qt-based projects.

      If you’d like to contribute to akonadi-google and need any more information feel free to ping me on #kde (dvratil) or mail me.

  13. Josua

    thanks for that akonadi module. For a long time I looked for a working solution to use konatact to managed my google tasks. This is best solution I found.

  14. Hello,
    thank You very much! Moc děkuji! :-) This was what I was looking for! :-)
    In openSUSE I have
    $ rpm -qa | grep akonadi-google-
    Probably the latest available version from KDE:Unstable:Playground repository (openSUSE 12.1, KDE 4.7), well at least at http://software.opensuse.org/ I did not find newer version. As far I tried it, it works fine. Well, I submitted 3 little bugs… O:-)
    I don’t know if it is problem of Your project or KAddressBook, but when I click on the contact, I see the information (name, e-mail, address, …), but I don’t see IM contacts (Jabber, Skype, …) and see huge QR code. OMG, why?! :-D
    When can we, please, expect new release (0.3?)? Thank You very much for Your work!

    • Hi, neni zač :)

      Regarding the extended informations about an contact – this is a “bug” (or rather a missing feature) in the KAddressbook (yeah, I hate it too).

      The 0.3 release will be soon, I’d say about two or three weeks, but no promises. There’s still some work to be done on the contacts resource and the I’d like to do proper testing before merging to master.

      And thanks for the bugs :)

      • Hi, thank You for all the info. Do You know anything about possibility of KAddressBook to show groups? It’d be nice to see my Google contacts sorted according to groups…
        I’m not developer, but if You need some extra testing, write me e-mail. It’d be easier than communication using Bugzilla’s comments. :-)

    • Hi,

      I’m in the last phase of testing. I will move all the new features to master soon, hopefully in week or two (I know I’m saying this for almost two months, but this time it’s almost sure :D )

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