Importing Kopete logs to KDE Telepathy? Sure!


What is your excuse for still using Kopete instead of KDE Telepathy? Oh, you can’t live without your old conversation logs? Not a problem anymore!

KDE Telepathy is now able to import your AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber or GaduGadu logs from Kopete into Telepathy logger.

When you add a new account in the Accounts KCM, we will convert the new account ID into Kopete account ID and check, whether there are any logs in Kopete folder for this account. And if there are, we ask you whether you want to import them or not.

That’s nice, right? But what about our current users, who just silently weep, longing for their old Kopete logs? Well, we thought about them, too! After starting the KDE IM Log Viewer, you will be prompted with initial logs import dialog. The dialog will appear only once. Whether you click “Import Logs” or “Cancel”, we won’t bother you with this never again. Currently I’m considering adding a main menu to the log viewer, which would contain an action to invoke this dialog again, in case you accidentally click “Cancel” for instance.

When you are removing an existing account from KDE Telepathy, you are prompted the “Are you sure you want to remove the account?” dialog. As a bonus, I have enriched it by a “Remove conversations logs” checkbox. Guess what will happen if you check it ;)

All these features will be available in KDE Telepathy 0.6.

And as usually, we are still looking for new contributors! There are some junior jobs in the bugzilla, which are a perfect start for newcomers. If you would need any help with fixing these bugs or wishes, just come talk to us on #kde-telepathy IRC channel or mailing lists.

Earn your eternal glory by fixing KTp bugs!

26 thoughts on “Importing Kopete logs to KDE Telepathy? Sure!

  1. By Passer

    > What is your excuse for still using Kopete instead of KDE Telepathy?

    Actually I was just pissed off by the self-righteous stance of telepathy developers against the outcry for otr support from a couple years back.

    So I’m sticking with pidgin… not that they are any better (remember their self-righteous stance on the issue with the audio and video chats)

  2. Blablabla

    > What is your excuse for still using Kopete instead of KDE Telepathy?
    My answer: It doesn’t notifies me when Hotmail/Gmail arrives (that would be wonderful, also a thing to receive Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Diaspora/Whatever notifications), it doesn’t notifies me when a contact changes its status (I reported that bug, I’m waiting for its fix on 0.6!), it has a CUSTOMIZABLE interface (and I mean the contact list), and it doesn’t had such a ugly name (I writed about that in KDE brainstorm but seems that actually, like Passer said, KTP developers are on such self-righteous stance). You guys are doing an awesome work, but please. Listen to your users ’cause you’re doing KTP not only for yourselves.

    • serafean

      Mail notification : not telepathy’s job,
      Facebook/whatever notifications : not telepathy’s job.
      The groundwork for this will be webaccounts, all that will be missing is a “simple” widget that monitors the correct akonadi resources along with telepathy presence.
      Actually, in all fairness it would be a very complex widget if it were to do all that. But IMO it’s doable, it simply falls out of the specific scope of all projects, but a bit into each.

    • Hi,

      if you are interested in social networks, you should check out that Martin Klapetek’s social thing (sorry Marting, can’t remember the name). What we are working on is an IM messanger, not a social platform.

      We are trying not to do any heavy works on contact list, until we have the KPeople (Nepomuk) integration. It will require some massive changes, so our current effort could be lost.

      Regarding the name – there is actually nothing as KDE Telepathy. You are NOT supposed to know about KDE Telepathy. There is KDE IM Contacts and KDE IM Log Viewer and KDE IM Text UI and whatever else. It’s a “KDE IM Framework”* we are working on. The problem is “KDE Telepathy” got so common and known between people, that it’s hard to change this. And yes, I’m aware that by using “KDE Telepathy” everywhere in the blogpost I’m not really helping things.

      * not an official name

    • Will Stephenson

      Actually everyone I ever told that I was a Kopete developer had to be told how to pronounce it and what it means (even Chileans). There’s nothing preventing customisable or multiple contact list implementations in the KTP design; the missing contact status change notifications is just a bug, and the Hotmail notification is a weird quirk in the MSN protocol.

      One of the reasons Kopete stopped growing was because we tried to support all protocol features using custom UI, and after a while this meant we couldn’t change the UI any more, because so many parts were specific to the protocols (context menus, for example), and replacing these with support-everything-abstraction layers was a time and developer-killing exercise in futility.

      [K]TP takes a more realistic approach in defining a set of common IM features it will support.

    • David Edmundson

      >, it doesn’t notifies me when a contact changes its status

      As you correctly pointed out, it does now. So we clearly are listening.

      I’ve not seen any requests for “customisable contact lists” (ideally a full list of what’s wanted with justifications as to why). There’s certainly nothing in our bugzilla list or on Brainstorm. You have to tell us, we’re not telepathic (hilarious pun intended).

      > The name

  3. Will Stephenson

    I’ll be interested to try this out. I think I have a hell of a lot of Kopete logs knocking about…

  4. Blablabla

    I heard a few weeks ago about the social thing you’re talking about. Promising, but not usable for now. Hope it arrives for the 4.10 release. Shame, ’cause would be wonderful all things in one place for KDE, like Digsby/Trillian does. And about the name… How’s that the Telepathy client for Gnome has its own cool name (“Empathy”) and KDE doesn’t? That’s what I’m talking about. However, thank you so much for your kind answer, sir.

  5. Sounds nice. As a nitpicker, I think the first dialog would be easier to parse if the buttons said “Import Logs” / “Close” instead of “Yes” / “No”. Additionally, the icon for the “Import Logs” button should be “document-import”.

  6. Primoz

    >What is your excuse for still using Kopete instead of KDE Telepathy?
    Mostly the reason I can’t send or receive files with it. So every time that I am on Telephaty and someone wants to send me a file (which happens quite a lot) I need to switch back to Kopete, so I mostly use Kopete to begin with.
    That might be a bug on my end, never even bothered to check.

      • Primoz

        Yeah I do have that installed. I kind of forgot I posted this comment. I guess I’ll troubleshoot it some more, then I’ll submit a bug if it still doesn’t work.
        It’s not working for hotmail and gtalk, and I’m using Arch, which has vanilla package, so I don’t see what’s the problem (maybe I haven’t set something somewhere)

  7. Fede

    «What is your excuse for still using Kopete instead of KDE Telepathy?»

    Beacuse when Kopete says a Gtalk contact is online/away/busy/whatever, is true. KTP constantly shows contacts online, then I log in my Gmail account and the Gtalk widget shows they are away or even disconnected/hidden (and that’s their true status, not what KTP shows). This happens especially when such contacts are using the Gtalk app for Android.

    «Mail notification : not telepathy’s job»

    Well, maybe, but that’s very “bureaucratic”, no? Makes sense or not that an messaging application notifies users about new messages? I think it does as emails are complementary to chats many, many times; in busines, for example, almost every day I am chatting with some coworker and sending each other some emails relative to the chat we are having; it would make a lot of sense that KTP notified about new emails instead needing to chek our mailboxes manually or install external widgets.
    Installing notification widgets is not a tragedy, of course, but then, if I use need programs for doing what my IM app should do, why using such KTP? Pidgin would do the same job and it notifies about the new mails, and since I have had to “pollute” my KDE with all those dependencies from Gnome for using Firefox, Gimp and a couple more GTK apps which don’t have a decent QT equivalent, installing one more, Pidgin, is not going to be a tragedy either.

    I don’t discuss if teams should care about that job, I believe you, but, from my humblest ignorance, couldn’t you try to work with them (such team of people who should care about mail notifications) to find some kind of integration?


    • Fede

      Damn, my english is worse every day…
      Sorry, I wanted to say « if I need other programs for doing what my IM app should do, why using such app?» and «I don’t discuss if your team…»

    • Regarding GTalk: at quick glance it seems to work for me. If you can verify that it’s broken in Empathy too, then it’s a bug in upstream Telepathy (and should be reported there ;) ), otherwise it might be a TpQt or KTp bug.

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