KDE Frameworks 5 Beta and Plasma Next preview on Fedora!


The Fedora KDE SIG brings you all the new and cool stuff from KDE Frameworks and Plasma Next worlds!

First, our Copr repository with KDE Frameworks has been updated to 4.99.0 release, so go get it! All frameworks are co-installable with KDE 4, so you can develop against KF5 without needing any special setup. Also KDE Frameworks 5 were approved as feature for Fedora 21, which means that in next Fedora release, we will ship all Frameworks in the Fedora repositories! There are already some packages imported into rawhide, the rest will follow in next weeks.

And now for the awesome news: we have a live ISO with Plasma Next preview!

Fedora Plasma Next Live ISO Login screen

We packaged as much as we could (but still not everything!), including Rekonq, Dolphin, System Settings, Baloo, Milou and more – all built against Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5 of course.


Get Fedora Plasma Next Live ISO!

(..or get it via torrent)


If you are really interested in trying locally, you can check out all the additional packages from kde-frameworks-unstable and plasma-next COPRs, but remember that all packages from those repositories install to /usr, so you will get conflicts with KDE 4 packages.

17 thoughts on “KDE Frameworks 5 Beta and Plasma Next preview on Fedora!

    • It’s x86_64 only. There was a problem building on i686, so once that is solved, we will start building i686 images too.

      Fedora 21 will ship KDE 4 by default, but hopefully with Plasma Next as an optional alternative.

  1. Ericg

    sudo yum install kf5-* fails with

    Error: kf5-kactivities-runtime conflicts with kactivities-4.12.5-1.fc20.x86_64
    You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
    You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest

    Thats from dvratil-kde-frameworks, not from kde-frameworks unstable.

    • You can use –exclude=kf5-kactivities-runtime with the yum command.

      The conflict is in kactivitymanagerd daemon, but it does not matter which one you use, both provide identical dbus interface.

  2. mike

    Downloaded the iso. Booted very fast. Unfortunately it booted to a required user name and password. Never seen that on a live image before. Boggles the mind. Rebooted and came looking for what the login and pw might be. Per above tried L: liveuser with and with PW: liveuser. Tried same with no PW. Tried it capitalized. Tried it standing on my head. Tried L: root. Tried the pet name of my first girlfriend. Tried not to scream and wake the neighbors. None of them worked. None of them granted me access to this live image on my own machine. None of them gave me access to this thing which some number of people must have put some work into wanting to show people. Why was it locked behind a door I can’t open?
    I don’t see what the issue could be – download was find. Checksum was fine.
    Why is there any login at all on a live image? ?? ???
    And why wouldn’t you mention it until somebody asked if there was??
    Why build a doomsday device and then not tell anyone!?

    I suppose this is some normal Fedora thing which I’m not hep to. But I just don’t understand. This has been a monumentally frustrating experience. I’m tired of rebooting.
    I’m going to go wipe this image off my USB key – which has learned many new curse words this evening. I’m going to do that and then have a cookie.

    • I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you. After boot you should be automatically logged in into Plasma session. For login, liveuser without password should work – if it didn’t let you in, then I suppose the problem might be that Plasma 2 fails to start – usually it’s because Plasma 2 requires 2D acceleration (because of OpenGL) but is not available either because of HW or drivers. Maybe I forgot to include some drivers on the image (tbh I didn’t actually try with nothing else than Intel GPU). I’ll try to test the image on more hardware next time ;-)

      • mike

        This was on an old desktop Intel core2duo. Graphics performance is laughable at best so it probably had something to do with that or drivers as you say. I get sarcastic when I’m tired. Don’t misunderstand that I’m not appreciative of the effort you made.

  3. Felipe van Schaik Willig

    Thanks for this!
    KDE 5 looks awesome! Looking forward to it!
    Say, there’s no installer on this, rite?!

    • No, I removed the Anaconda installer from the live image on purpose to prevent people from actually installing this :-) It would require additional work to make it work properly and test it and we don’t unfortunately have enough manpower to do it now.

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