No Gmail integration in 4.14 after all :(


Hi folks,

I’m sorry to bring bad news, but after trying to fight some last minute bugs in the new Gmail resource today, I realized that pushing the resource into KDE Applications 4.14 was too hurried, and so I decided not to ship it in KDE Applications 4.14. I know many of you are really excited about the Gmail integration, but there are far too many issues that cannot be solved this late in 4.14 cycle. And since this will probably be the last 4.x release, shipping something that does not perform as expected and cannot be fixed properly would only be disappointing and discouraging to users. In my original post I explained that I was working on the Gmail integration to provide user experience as close as possible to native Gmail web interface so that people are not tempted to switch away from KMail to Gmail. But with the current state of the resource, the effect would be exactly the opposite. And if the resource cannot fulfil it’s purpose, then there’s no point in offering it to users.

Instead I will focus on implementing the new native Gmail API and merging together the existing Google resources to create a single groupware solution that will provide integration will all Google’s PIM services – contacts, calendars, tasks and emails.


11 thoughts on “No Gmail integration in 4.14 after all :(

  1. Lindsay Mathieson

    Sounds like a sensible decision to me – the Pure IMAP resource is good enough, the Google IMAP one was nice but not radically better.

    Whereas the combined Groupware resoucre you’re planning sounds like the bee’s knees! eactly the sort of thing akonadi is supposed to enable.

  2. Blablabla

    Sounds a wise decision. Thanks for the work! And as long as we have IMAP connection with Gmail, it doesn’t care that much about that for now. Hope to have a widespread, unified integration between KDEPIM and Google PIM services! (And I don’t know if it were too much to ask for Feedly support in Akregator :P)

  3. Marc Deop

    I already expressed my rejection to develop specific solutions.

    If we start doing this, one or two years from now google will cut access through IMAP and we will have to always “chase” them and “dance” at their “guidence”

    Just to think that Android doesn’t have proper carddav/caldav support and Apple does… it is really scary, really.

  4. Hi, thank You for You work! I’m looking forward nice Google integration in KDE 5. :-) I just wonder if it would be possible to add also support for Google Drive somehow…?

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