Plasma 5.2 arrives to Fedora


It’s here! Plasma 5.2 has been released just yesterday and you don’t have to wait a single minute longer to update your beloved Fedora boxes :-)

I won’t go into detail here about all the new awesome things that are waiting for you in Plasma 5.2, but I totally recommend that you go and read Plasma 5.2: The Quintessential Breakdown by Ken Vermette while you are waiting for your package manager to wade through the update. You can also read the official Plasma 5.2 release announcement, it has fancy animated screenshots ;).

And there’s other news related to Plasma 5.2 and Fedora: Fedora rawhide has bee updated to Plasma 5.2 too. This means that KDE SIG will ship Plasma 5 in Fedora 22! Of course we will still maintain the Copr repository for our Fedora 20 and Fedora 21 users.

So, how to get Plasma 5.2 on Fedora?

On rawhide, just do dnf update. On Fedora 20 and Fedora 21, if you are already running Plasma 5.1.2 from dvratil/plasma-5 Copr, then all you need to do is to run dnf update. If you are running Plasma 5.1.95 (aka Plasma 5.2 beta) from dvratil/plasma-5-beta Copr, then it’s time to switch back to stable:

dnf copr disable dvratil/plasma-5-beta
dnf copr enable dvratil/plasma-5
dnf update

If you are still running KDE 4 and you want to update to Plasma 5.2, just follow the instructions on dvratil/plasma-5 Copr page.

And if you don’t feel like installing Plasma 5 on your production box right away and would like to just try it out, there’s a live ISO for you. This time I did not forget to add Anaconda, so once you decide that Plasma 5 is good enough for you, you can just install it right from the ISO ;-)

EDIT: I might have included Anaconda, but did not add grub2 to the ISO, so the installer would fail anyway. This has been fixed and updated images are available now on the same link. If you are planning to install from the live ISO, please download the updated images (29-Jan-2015 00:42)


Oh, and if anyone is around in Brno next week for DevConf, let us know and we can informally meet for ceremonious consumption of beer to celebrate the Plasma release ;)

26 thoughts on “Plasma 5.2 arrives to Fedora

  1. Sandro Mathys

    Thanks Daniel for the new packages, ISO, etc! Unfortunately, the installer on the LiveCD will fail, because grub2 is not being installed…

    • I tried it in VirtualBox with both EFI and non-EFI mode and it installed and booted just fine :-( If you could get /tmp/anaconda.log from the live system after the installation finishes/fails and upload it somewhere, or mail it to me (, I can take a look tomorrow and see what’s wrong.

      (For some reason I’m unable to boot the i686 image in EFI mode in VirtualBox, but the non-EFI mode works just fine too.)

  2. Talha Khan

    Thanks for the post! Unfortunately the link for the instructions to upgrade from KDE 4 seems to redirect back here. Can you please fix the link?

  3. NMo9


    I can’t seem to find Plasma 5.2 in Rawhide coprs. plasma-5-beta Copr shows 5.1.95 and plasma-5 shows 5.1.2. Is the 5.1.95 in the beta cope for rawhide same as 5.2 in 20/21?

    • Hi,

      Plasma 5.2 is now available in Fedora rawhide directly, so the rawhide branches in Copr repos have not been updated. If you are running rawhide, you can just disable the Coprs completely as you’ll be getting all the updates directly from rawhide repos :-)

      • NMo9

        Thanks.. It is available now.. It wasn’t available when I tried it in rawhide repo yesterday. That’s why checked the 2 coprs for it.

  4. jonc

    Thanks for this!

    Two questions:

    1. Should we add your copr repo to stay current?

    2. When can we expect the Oxygen window decorations to return? I’m not a fan of the Breeze decorations. (Too large and too slab-like.)

    Thanks, again.

  5. Gabriel

    I had a problem trying to upgrade FC21 with KDE 4.0 to KDE 5.2. I install with YUM dvratil/plasma-5 package. Now I am downloading FC21 with KDE 5.2 installed.
    My configuration:
    1) Installed FC 21 on an Hyper-V Virtual Machine.
    2) Once KDE started, on a terminal as root I did:
    3) init 3
    4) yum remove *kde*
    5) yum install plasma-5

    After that, linux started but KDE Plasma interface did not. I could login on the terminals with no problem, so Linux was responsive.
    Hope this helps someone…

    • No need to remove all of KDE4 – Plasma 5 will automatically update the right parts of KDE4. You actually want to keel some KDE4 packages (like kwrite, konsole, etc.) since Plasma 5 really is just the workspace.

      Hard to say what’s wrong, maybe you are missing display manager (KDM or SDDM)?

  6. Antron

    I can’t see the GTK Style settings even though all the pre-requistes seem to be installed. I started from Fedora 21 KDE Spin as well the same from a XFCE Spin.

    • I have currently pulled the Gtk KCM from the repos, as it wasn’t working properly anyway. We are working on getting the old Gtk KCM working in Plasma 5, stay tuned ;)

  7. Trevin

    Hi! Great work, thank you very much! ;)

    Unfortunately I cannot install plasma-5 on Fedora 21. I got this error:
    Error: nothing provides kcm-user-manager needed by plasma5-5.2.0-1.fc21.noarch

    Could anyone help me? kcm-user-manager exists under plasma-5-beta, but I think you wrote we should use stable now.

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