Plasma 5.6 beta available on Fedora


Plasma 5.6 will be out in two weeks but the Plasma team has just released Plasma 5.6 beta which already features all the new yummy things and improvements as well as bunch of bug fixes that will be available in the 5.6 release.

Among other things Plasma 5.6 brings improved color scheme support, task manager on steroids, some new applets as well as further progress on the Wayland front. Two completely new things come as a tech preview: GRUB2 and Plymouth themes to make your system look fancy from the first second you power it up (see instructions below how to enable them).

You can ready the release announcement with more detailed descriptions and screenshots here.

The Fedora KDE SIG team has updated the Plasma 5 Unstable Copr repository so you can get a taste of Plasma 5.6 on Fedora 23 now (sorry for the lack of F22 builds). Rawhide will probably get the beta update some time next week.

$ dnf copr enable @kdesig/plasma-5-unstable
$ dnf update

Due to some changes in upstream releases of KActivities it is possible that you will get package conflict between kactivitymanagerd-debuginfo and kf5-kactivities-debuginfo. In that case please uninstall the kf5-kactivities-debuginfo package. This will be fixed properly once we roll out KDE Frameworks 5.20.


If you want to try the new GRUB and Plymouth themes, install the new packages

$ dnf install grub2-breeze-theme plymouth-theme-breeze

To enable the GRUB theme, edit /etc/default/grub:


and generate new GRUB configuration:

$ grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

To enable the Plymouth theme, run

plymouth-set-default-theme breeze --rebuild-initrd


If you run into any packaging issues, please talk to us on #fedora-kde on IRC or If you find any bugs or crashes, please report them to so that Plasma developers can fix them before the final 5.6 release.

13 thoughts on “Plasma 5.6 beta available on Fedora

  1. Edward O

    > dnf upgrade –best –allowerasing
    Error: package spectacle-15.12.1-1.fc23.x86_64 requires, but none of the providers can be installed
    So to perform upgrade I had to:
    > dnf remove spectacle

  2. Radek

    Hmm, seems broken for me. I don’t see Plasma panel on the bottom nor I can move my mouse to that location. rm -rf ~/.kde and ~/,config/k* and ~/.config/plasma* didn’t help either.

  3. Unfortunately, nothing described here works for me :-(

    dnf update gives:
    Skipping packages with broken dependencies:
    kscreen 1:5.5.95-1.fc23
    libkscreen-qt5 5.5.95-1.fc23
    libkworkspace5 5.5.95-1.fc23
    plasma-workspace 5.5.95-1.fc23
    plasma-workspace-common 5.5.95-1.fc23
    plasma-workspace-drkonqi 5.5.95-1.fc23
    plasma-workspace-libs 5.5.95-1.fc23
    powerdevil 5.5.95-1.fc23
    sddm-breeze 5.5.95-1.fc23

    Plymouth theme
    Apparently, there’s some broken path issue:
    But even after fixing that, I’m still left with the old ‘blue-white’ progress bar thing.

    Grub theme
    This is the worst part. The grub screen is just ugly with huge low-res font.
    Please see the screenshots here:

    • Ad Plymouth: I thought I fixed the paths, but maybe forgot to rebuild :) I’ll re-check. Anyway it’s fixed in upstream now properly, so in 5.6 the paths will be fixed. I had the same problem with the Fedora progress bar still appearing despite configuration, although after switching to VT and back to Plymouth it seems to load the Breeze theme. Don’t know why, I don’t know enough about Plymouth.

      Ad Grub: yeah, it’s ugly as hell (can reproduce too). But it’s still techpreview, maybe it will be improved in future. It’s possible that the GRUB that Harald tested this on was patched or somehow specially configured and so it looked better for him, since the theme originally contained invalid options that upstream GRUB does not even support…

        • Yeah, libKF5KScreens.o soname changed in 5.6 (libKF5KScreens.o.6 ->, so we’ll need to rebuild the packages that link against kscreen. I did not know about Spectacle (I removed the dependency in upstream because it’s not needed), and we found that there’s also lxqt-config depending on it.

          I don’t want to build all those in the copr, but we’ll of course take care of that in Fedora repos.

  4. After enabling the repo and updating I’ve lost automatic KDE wallet opening on login so now I have to provide the password everytime.
    I’m on Lenovo T450s laptop with UEFI enabled and after installing the themes and enabling them as per instructions above none of them have actually worked. I’m still seeing the same rather boring black GRUB and standard Fedora plymouth. Probably some extra actions need to be taken to enable them on UEFI.

    • On EFI system you maybe need to rebuild the EFI GRUB file to get the GRUB theme working:

      $ grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg

      Regarding the Plymouth theme, see my answer to Syam.

    • Regarding the KWallet: I forgot to include pam-kwallet package in the Copr, but it’s there now. Just run dnf update and you should get it. There was apparently a change in how the auto-open works which broke when I updated Plasma and skipped pam-kwallet.

  5. HI.
    Thanks for your work. Just retried everything and I can confirm:
    GRUB theme – works but looks so awful that it’s not worth going for
    Plymouth – still can’t see it loading – not a biggie.
    pam-kwallet – fixed.

    For some reason the login process stalls for about 20-30s but in general the desktop is usable.

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