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Sounds like déjà vu? You are right! We used to have Facebook Event sync in KOrganizer back in KDE 4 days thanks to Martin Klapetek. The Facebook Akonadi resource, unfortunately, did not survive through Facebook API changes and our switch to KF5/Qt5.

I’m using a Facebook event sync app on my Android phone, which is very convenient as I get to see all events I am attending, interested in or just invited to directly in my phone’s calendar and I can schedule my other events with those in mind. Now I finally grew tired of having to check my phone or Facebook whenever I wanted to schedule event through KOrganizer and I spent a few evenings writing a brand new Facebook Event resource.

Inspired by the Android app the new resource creates several calendars – for events you are attending, events you are interested in, events you have declined and invitations you have not responded to yet. You can configure if you want to receive reminders for each of those.

Additionally, the resource fetches a list of all your friend’s birthdays (at least of those who have their birthday visible to their friends) and puts them into a Birthday calendar. You can also configure reminders for those separately.

The Facebook Sync resource will be available in the next KDE Applications feature release in August.

6 thoughts on “Facebook Events in KOrganizer

  1. Dexter Muir

    Can this support manual entries? I’d envision a merger of the Calendar on the Panel and KOrganiser, with highlight changing (depth of /) color by status, click to reveal. Always present and far more convenient than a separate application (from the Menu system?).

    • You mean like a Plasma applet? You can already see your events in the calendar in Plasma when you click on the clock applet in the panel. In the applet settings, you can choose which calendars it should show.

  2. Marijo

    Seems to be a good ans useful function even if I wouldn’t use this ever :-D
    But I am kind of wondering. Is there any interaction with the online accounts kcm in the system settings ? For me the setup for the facebook account and the checkmark that I want to make use of this events as calendar entries should be there, one central place for my online accounts like it should be, isn’t it ?

    • No, I did not integrate the authentication with the Accounts KCM. I think it would be rather confusing that some of KDE PIM accounts are configured from KDE PIM and some are configured from KAccounts KCM.

      I’d love to see a central account management place, very much like Android has, and I think KAccounts is the right way to go, but we would first need to figure out how to migrate all or at least majority of KDE PIM account configuration there.

      • Marijo

        Okay this seems legit. It is just that I used the GNOME desktop before I come to KDE and Plasma 5 and I really loved the central account management for my online accounts. I think this is the only major point I miss on my KDE based desktop at the moment.

  3. Thomas

    not related to Korganizer – kmail printing is reactivated again! I just want to say thank you! Who is responsible for re-enabling printing straight from kmail? How can I do something good for him/her?

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