Unified Mailboxes in KMail


Today KMail has gained a new cool feature that has been repeatedly requested in the User survey last year as well as on forums and social networks: Unified mailboxes.

Unified mailboxes offer not only a unified inbox – a single “Inbox” folder showing emails from inboxes of all your accounts, it also provides unified sent and drafts folders by default. But we did not stop there: you can create completely custom unified mailboxes consisting of any folders you choose. You can even customize the default ones (for example exclude an Inbox from a particular account).

Some obligatory screenshots:

The feature will be present in the December release of KDE Applications.


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9 thoughts on “Unified Mailboxes in KMail

  1. What is the typical course of action one can take for KMail to get synced with other devices? I see that KMail gets out of sync in the sense it doesn’t necessarily marks an email as read if it has been read on some other device.

    • Interesting, I don’t think I’ve seen this on my system (and I run two KMails and a mobile email client). Is that some particular service? I can imagine Gmail give us hard time to figure out how to sync the changes…

  2. gustawho

    Great work, can’t wait to try it out!

    Off-topic: I’m a little confused about the future of the Kontact suite, especially KMail. AFAIK, there’s have been a lot of work done regarding Kube and by that reason I thought it’s was meant to be KMail’s successor, since I haven’t read any news about new features on the latte, but now this article appeared on my Akregator feed. Is Kube really going to replace KMail any time in the near future or the two programs are meant to co-exist?
    In any case, I’m sure I’m going to use any of them. I really appreciate your work, thank you!

    • Kontact and Kube target a slightly different audience. While Kontact aims at more advanced users with large email accounts and high productivity, Kube targets more ordinary users.

      The plan is for both of those projects to co-exist and hopefully share some of the underlying technology in the future.

      All in all, Kontact is not going away any time soon. Actually, I believe the best days of Kontact are still ahead of us!

  3. Thank you very much for working on this!

    A quick question: In earlier versions of kmail, it was possible to ctrl + click on two (or more?) folders and both were shown simultaneously. A seemingly similar feature, although, I don’t know if this worked across different accounts. This feature was also very handy if you were to see your own replies to emails from others – as all e-mails from your inbox/sent folder would even be threaded correctly.

    I suppose maybe with the work you are doing, the latter can be possible as well? I certainly hope so!

    Anyway, thank you again.

    • Sorry, I do not remember why the feature was removed, but I’m sure there was a good reason for it (usually if something is seemingly working, but gets removed is because there are some fundamental problems with the code that are very hard to fix).

      I believe we will be able to bring proper conversation view into KMail one day. There are some things that need to be done first though (mostly fixing out indexing/searching code).

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