Akonadi 1.10.3 – with PostgreSQL fix


Akonadi 1.10.3 has been released, fixing (among other things) support for PostgreSQL 9.2 with Qt 4.8.5.

I write a blog specially about this update, because the fix requires updating the Akonadi database schema. The update will be performed on next Akonadi start and it can take some time, especially on larger databases, so we kindly ask users for patience.

Update: if your distribution ships Qt 4.8.5 with the PSQL driver patch reverted, please make sure to remove the revert before pushing Akonadi 1.10.3 to repositories.

Users of other backends (MySQL or SQLite) will not be affected by this update.

Big thank you for investigating and fixing this problem to Cédric Villemain.

Full changelog:

  • Fix crash when there are no flags to update during flags change
  • Fix crash on Akonadi shutdown when using PostgreSQL
  • Fix notification to clients about database upgrade
  • Send dummy requests to MySQL from time to time to keep the connection alive
  • Bug #277839 – Fix problem with too long socket paths
  • Bug #323977 – Check minimum MySQL version at runtime
  • Bug #252120, Bug #322931 – Use text instead of bytea column type for QString in PostgreSQL

Thanks to Volker Krause, Christian Mollekopf and Cédric Villemain for their contributions to this release.

8 thoughts on “Akonadi 1.10.3 – with PostgreSQL fix

  1. schumski

    Thanks for the fixes :-). Have a question wrt. pgsl backend, some distros, e.g. openSUSE, have that Qt commit reverted, now i wonder will there be issues for users with “reverted” Qt + akonadi 1.10.3 ? Or dropping the revert and updating to 1.10.3 should be done synchronously ?

    • Hi,

      Akonadi 1.10.3 won’t work properly with the revert, so please make sure the update goes in synchronously. (I’ll update the post, thanks for the question).

  2. Alejandro Nova

    Dan, I’ll get a bit more technical.

    Is it possible to run Akonadi with the mysql.conf option sql_mode=strict_trans_tables ? I’m trying it, results are as far as I know excellent, there are no error logs, but there is a “TODO: make Akonadi work with those settings enabled” that was there maybe on 2010. Akonadi has evolved a LOT since 2010, 2011. mysql.err is basically empty (only status messages, no data submission errors) What I’ve noted is: indexing is a LOT more performant.

  3. Vincent dP

    Great news :) Does that mean that PG is considered safe for akonadi again and in the forseeable future ? Gentoo still displayas this warning when installing akonadi :

    “We strongly recommend you change your Akonadi database backend to MySQL in your user configuration. This is the backend recommended by KDE upstream. In particular, kde-base/kmail-4.10 does not work properly with the sqlite backend anymore.”

    • MySQL is still recommended. Devs use it, so it’s properly tested. With PostgreSQL, we make sure tests pass and that it works (i.e. is usable), but AFAIK no developer uses it on his production setup, so minor bugs and performance issues might occur (but we are trying our best not to).

      SQLite is not recommended for performance reasons, it just does not scale with large amount of data and does not handle concurrent access properly.

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